2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp Results

The 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp went down September 18, 2021 at the TRA compound in Macungie, PA.  The pro invitational fundraiser event, presented by S&M, FIT, Dirtsculpt, Empire, Odyssey, Titanium Finishing, Powers Bike Shop, Fictive Brand, Penn Skate, Axelrad Screen Printing, The Wheel Mill, Actions Wheels Bike Shop, Crest Flooring, Griminals, Fabtech, and Stay Strong, drew riders from across the country with  both 20” and 26” pro classes and also debuted TRA’s first 15 & Under kids class. The 2-man course featured full-on trails style jumps with minimal pedaling and plenty of air time. After the race, an open wheel dirt jump comp was held on the same course with best run judged by Posh and Catty locals Jay Crosson, Scotty Englebrecht, and Jeremy Behler.  The event featured a $1500 pro purse with a winner-take-all cash prize in each class.  Additional prizes were provided by Fictive Brand and the Wheel Mill.  In the Dirt Jump Comp, the 15 & Under riders joined the pros to compete for a special kids prize of a new BSD frame provided by Fictive Brand.  Stay tuned for tons of event coverage from DIG, Our BMX, TJL Photo, Jess Grinager, SE Bikes, Mow-Air Photography, and more.


Pro Double Cross 20”

  1. Vic Behm
  2. Mike Swearingen
  3. Marty Wisehart

Pro Double Cross 26”

  1. Nick Fix
  2. Dick Cheeseburger
  3. Mike Owens

15 & Under Open Wheel:

  1. Jake Rutkowitz
  2. Tucker Rouse
  3. Elijah Miller

Pro Dirt Jump Comp

  1. Matty Cranmer
  2. Chase Pauza
  3. Vinny Mannino

15 & Under Special Dirt Jump Prize: Jake Rutkowitz

2021 TRA 20″ Double Cross Podium: 1st Place – Vic Behm, 2nd Place – Mike Swearingen, 3rd Place – Marty Wisehart
2021 TRA 26″ Double Cross Podium: 1st place – Nick Fix, 2nd place – Dick Cheeseburger, 3rd place – Mike Owens
2021 TRA Pro Dirt Jump Comp: 1st Place – Matty Cranmer, 2nd Place – Chase Pauza, 3rd Place – Vinny Mannino
2021 TRA 15 & Under Double Cross Podium: 1st Place – Jay Rutkowitz, 2nd Place – Tucker Rouse, 3rd Place – Elijah Miller

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