2019 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp – Powers Bike Shop Edit.

Powers Bike Shop from Richmond VA not only sponsored the 2019 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp, they rode the course and created this awesome edit.  Now that is supporting the sport.   Thanks Guys!


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2019 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp – Jess Grinager Edit.

Jess Grinager joined the TRA team to put together an official 2019 Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp Edit.   Big thanks to Jess for capturing the vibe and feel of the event with this awesome clip.

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2019 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp Results

The 2019 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp went down September 21, 2019 at the TRA compound near Bethlehem Pennsylvania, home of Posh and Catty Trails. The pro invitational fundraiser event, presented by S&M/FIT, drew 37 BMX riders from across the country and also debuted TRA’s first 26” Double Cross event featuring 11 riders. The 2-man course featured full-on trails style jumps with minimal pedaling, lots of pumping, and plenty of air time, close racing, and lead changes. After the race, an open wheel dirt jump comp was held on the same course with best run judged by the Posh and Catty locals, including 2019 NORA Cup winner Jason Lonergan.  With support from Odyssey, Empire, Powers Bike Shop, Dirtsculpt, Five Ten Footwear, Blackmans’s Cycle Center, Axlerad Screen Printing, Action Wheels Bike Shop, Penn Skate Skatepark, The Wheel Mill, and STAY STRONG, the event featured a $1500 pro purse with a winner-take-all cash prize in each class.

With a full field of top riders from all disciplines, including top trail riders like Clint Reynolds, park riders like Vinny Mannino, and vet pro racers like Brian Streiby and Josh Smith, there were a lot of different BMX styles on display. Similarly, various styles from downhill racers to slopestyle riders were represented in the 26” class. Once the racing started, all the different styles came together for some very intense, wild racing in both classes. In 20” Double Cross, Vic Behm continued his winning streak from the first event, followed by Colby Benoit and Josh Smith taking the final spot on the podium. In 26” Double Cross, Nick Fix edged out David Lieb, who took the 3rd podium spot, and went on in the final race to pump past top downhill racer Mauricio Estrada down the first straight to take the win. The event concluded with the open wheel dirt jump comp which was held over the entire course. Clint Reynolds manualed the roof jump and 360 turndowned for 3rd place while Mason Ritter saran wrapped one-handed his way to 2nd place. The rest of the competition knew they were in trouble when top 26” slopestyle rider, David Lieb dropped in for his first run. With triple truck drivers, corkscrew flips, big 360 tables, and a flip whip, David destroyed the entire course and was clearly on the next level.

Everybody was stoked on the vibe and overall feel of the event which brought together all the different wheel sizes and riding disciplines to make for a super fun event that served as a fundraiser for TRA’s continuing mission to build its first public dirt park. Big thanks to all of our sponsors and volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this event a success.


20” Double Cross:

1st       Vic Behm

2nd       Colby Benoit

3rd        Josh Smith


26” Double Cross:

1st        Nick Fix

2nd       Mauricio Estrada

3rd        David Lieb


Open Wheel Dirt Jump Comp:

1st        David Lieb

2nd       Mason Ritter

3rd        Clint Reynolds


2019 TRA 20″ Double Cross Podium: 1st Place – Vic Behm, 2nd Place – Colby Benoit, 3rd Place – Josh Smith



2019 TRA 26″ Double Cross Podium: 1st place – Nick Fix, 2nd place – Mauricio Estrada, 3rd place – David Lieb


2019 TRA Open Wheel Dirt Jump Comp: 1st Place – David Lieb, 2nd Place – Mason Ritter, 3rd Place – Clint Reynolds


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TRA BMX Announces the 2019 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

TR2019LogoTRA BMX is proud to announce the 2019 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp.  Presented by S&M/FIT, this pro invitational fundraiser event will take place September 21, 2019 at the TRA compound near Bethlehem Pennsylvania, home of Posh and Catty Trails. The event will include over 30 top dirt riders competing for a $1,500 Pro Purse and include two contests: the Double Cross – a one-on-one downhill trail race with both 20” & 26” classes, and an open wheel jump comp, all on the same course. With support from Odyssey, Empire, Powers Bike Shop, Dirtsculpt, Axlerad Screen Printing, Action Wheels Bike Shop, Penn Skate Skatepark, and STAY STRONG, plus coverage by Our BMX, DIG, Elevated Visuals, and more, the event is being held to raise funding and awareness for TRA’s first public dirt park in the USA, to be built in the Lehigh Valley area.

The TRA Double Cross course features massive bowl jumps with nonstop downhill trail action by Dirtsculpt and brings together some of the top riders in BMX & MTB for an epic contest with a backyard vibe and a worldwide reach. The course design is 100% trails, built the way riders across America build for themselves every day.  

This private non-profit fundraiser event is intended for riders, trail builders, industry and media, dirt park operators, and families who run BMX tracks to come together and experience the future of BMX competition in a form that can truly grow the sport for riders of all ages across the USA. The event will be limited to the first 40 riders entered and attendees to the capacity of our 1 acre field parking area. If you are interested in competing or attending, you must contact TRA BMX for an official invite. Per TRA rules, no clipless pedals or carbon fiber bikes are permitted. This is a family-friendly, alcohol free event held in a manner that respects our neighbors and zoning ordinances.

For more information, check out www.TRABMX.com. You can also check out Posh and Catty trails at www.PAWOODS.com and see behind-the-scenes footage from Dirtsculpt, the creative force behind some of the world’s largest BMX dirt events including ESPN‘s X-Games and more, at www.Dirtsculpt.com.


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2019 Catty 4th of July Jam

TRA BMX proudly supports Posh and Catty trails.  Check out this awesome 4th of July Jam edit by Jess Grinager.


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2018 TRA Fast as Hell Comp

Get ready for the annual TRA Fast as Hell Comp on Saturday, October 20 at the Annual Catty Halloween Jam!  There will be 3 classes: Kids (14 & Under), Ams (15 & over) and Pro (18+).  The kids class will run on roller run starting at 12:45 PM.  The Ams and Pros will run combined starting at 2:00 PM on Fonzy to ’79, with each class scored separately.  Registration is from 11 am to contest start time.  Awards will be presented at 3:30 PM, with awards to 3rd place.  1st place Pro will be awarded the 2018 Pro belt and a 50% cash payback prize.  Each class will have approximately 20 minutes to run, and riders can take as many runs as they want (usually 3 or 4 laps) during this time.  Each rider’s fastest run will be used to score.   To keep the contest fun for everyone, there is no running order.  You simply put the TRA mini plate on your handlebars, get on the hill, and go.  Once your front wheel crosses the starting line, the TRA staff will handle the rest.

The contest is open to all ages and wheel sizes, MTB’s welcome.  Suspension forks and any motocross style bicycle components can be used.  But of course under TRA race rules, road bike components (clipless pedals, carbon fiber frames/forks, belt drives, etc.) are prohibited.  Enjoy some real BMX racing on real BMX trails!


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TRA BMX Racing: Fiftyfoe and Freddie Househam.

BMX racing fun with Florida’s Fiftyfoe and United Kingdom’s / United Bikes rider Freddie Househam.  The track was wet but that didn’t keep these riders from having a good time.  Jimmy Rushmore, Marky T, Nutter, and Nutter’s dog Raja all put in some laps.  The day ended with cheeseburgers, chocolate cupcakes, and good times for all.  Thanks to Dirtsculpt’s Dave King for helping to get the track he created up and running after the rain, and thanks to Catty Woods’ Chris Janis for putting together this video edit.

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