DIG BMX “In the Cut”: 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

DIG’s Rob Dolecki captures the fun and behind-the-scenes action from the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump comp. Check out more awesome BMX content at http://www.DIGBMX.com.

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Michael Wikan Photo Gallery: 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

Michael Wikan and the SE crew were in the house for the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp. Check out these awesome photos from the event and enjoy more of Michael’s photos at http://www.michaelwikan.com.

Mike Swearingen airs into the second turn.
DK’s Josh Smith ripping down the first straight.
Scott Yurkonis gets some some airtime after helping prep the course in the weeks leading up to the event.
Danny Anderson blasts the 2nd jump in the Pro 26″ class.
Tucker Rouse hits the bowl jump in the 15& Under Class.
Danny Anderson – table over the bowl jump.
Michael McLoughlin – one footed inverted table.
Nick Fox spins a big three over the bowl.
Elijah Miller blasted his way to 3rd place on the 15&under Double Cross podium.
Matty Cranmer at height with a big tobaggan over the bowl jump.
Chase Pauza – clicked inverted table.
Nick Fix spins a big table three over the sun.
Chase Pauza – front tire grab over the bowl.
Vinny Mannino – inverted table.
Matty Cranmer with a BIG nothing over the bowl.
Dick Cheeseburger overcooks the last turn. He went on to take 2nd in the Pro 26″ Double Cross class.
Nick Fox – table over the bowl.
Catty’s Ekim King
Jeremy Behler flying high over the bowl.
Dick Cheeseburger – clicked turndown, big smiles
Brent Caprio – one footed air over the bowl
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Jess Grinager Edit: 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

Jess Grinager captures the energy and spirit of the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp in this action packed edit. Big thanks to Jess for all his hard work and support!

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TJL Photo Gallery: 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

Tasha Lindemann was on hand to work her photo magic at the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp, Big thanks to Tasha for these awesome pics! Check out more of Tasha’s art at http://www.tashalindemann.com.

Payton Ridenour made history as the first woman to compete at the TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp. She easily held her own against the men. Pro women’s class for 2022? You bet!
Big double, no troubles. SE’s legendary Dick Cheeseburger is tons of fun both on and off the track!
Jeremy Behler with some classic moto style over the bowl jump.
Jeremey Behler leads Ekim King through the last turn. Both of these gentlemen helped ensure the course was tarped and ready to go the weeks leading into the event
Brent Caprio, TRA local, ripping the bowl jump.
Jake Rutkowitz blast the bowl jump and makes TRA history as the first young rider to win the 15 & under amateur class
Event organizer, Michael Gentilcore, leads Matty Cranmer into the last turn. Matty was able to pass Gentilcore before the line, which was not easy after Catty’s Chris Janis had yelled “shut ’em down!” on the first straight, making Matty do an extra lap around the first turn infield when he was already in the lead!
Marty Wisehart and Dick Cheeseburger flying in formation into the last turn.
Tim Hause leads Jesse Tschudy down the first straight, Tim really stepped up his race game in 2021.
Chase Pauza and Mart Wisehart go full out in the 3rd place main. Wisehart made his way to the Double Cross race podium while Chase took the 2nd place podium spot in the Dirt Jump Comp. Bethlehem trail building legend Rick Harvilla looks on in the in the lower left corner.
Battle of the Miller brothers. Elijah edges out his brother Mitchell for the 3rd place spot. Both won by making history as the first class of TRA’s new 15 & under Double Cross class.
Nick Fix spins a big three over the bowl jump in the dirt jump comp.
Andrew Ortega with a big turndown over the bowl jump.
Elijah Miller blasts the bowl jump.
Tucker Rouse gets stylish for the crowd in the 15 & under dirt jump comp.
Darryl Nau, the voice of BMX, get the crowd hyped up for the awards ceremony.
Matty Cranmer floats a BIG “nothing” over the bowl jump.
Three-time TRA Pro 20″ Double Cross Chanpion, Vic Behm, is presented the 1st place pro award by TRA president and event organizer, Mike Gentilcore.
Double vision time lapse of the main even battle between Vic Behm and Mike Swearingen.
Matty Cranmer, no handed one footer over the 1st straight step
Vinny Mannino led Chase Pauza in round 2 right up until this impromptu fast plant over the shark fin. Vinny Stayed up but Chase went on for the win.
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2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp Results

The 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp went down September 18, 2021 at the TRA compound in Macungie, PA.  The pro invitational fundraiser event, presented by S&M, FIT, Dirtsculpt, Empire, Odyssey, Titanium Finishing, Powers Bike Shop, Fictive Brand, Penn Skate, Axelrad Screen Printing, The Wheel Mill, Actions Wheels Bike Shop, Crest Flooring, Griminals, Fabtech, and Stay Strong, drew riders from across the country with  both 20” and 26” pro classes and also debuted TRA’s first 15 & Under kids class. The 2-man course featured full-on trails style jumps with minimal pedaling and plenty of air time. After the race, an open wheel dirt jump comp was held on the same course with best run judged by Posh and Catty locals Jay Crosson, Scotty Englebrecht, and Jeremy Behler.  The event featured a $1500 pro purse with a winner-take-all cash prize in each class.  Additional prizes were provided by Fictive Brand and the Wheel Mill.  In the Dirt Jump Comp, the 15 & Under riders joined the pros to compete for a special kids prize of a new BSD frame provided by Fictive Brand.  Stay tuned for tons of event coverage from DIG, Our BMX, TJL Photo, Jess Grinager, SE Bikes, Mow-Air Photography, and more.


Pro Double Cross 20”

  1. Vic Behm
  2. Mike Swearingen
  3. Marty Wisehart

Pro Double Cross 26”

  1. Nick Fix
  2. Dick Cheeseburger
  3. Mike Owens

15 & Under Open Wheel:

  1. Jake Rutkowitz
  2. Tucker Rouse
  3. Elijah Miller

Pro Dirt Jump Comp

  1. Matty Cranmer
  2. Chase Pauza
  3. Vinny Mannino

15 & Under Special Dirt Jump Prize: Jake Rutkowitz

2021 TRA 20″ Double Cross Podium: 1st Place – Vic Behm, 2nd Place – Mike Swearingen, 3rd Place – Marty Wisehart
2021 TRA 26″ Double Cross Podium: 1st place – Nick Fix, 2nd place – Dick Cheeseburger, 3rd place – Mike Owens
2021 TRA Pro Dirt Jump Comp: 1st Place – Matty Cranmer, 2nd Place – Chase Pauza, 3rd Place – Vinny Mannino
2021 TRA 15 & Under Double Cross Podium: 1st Place – Jay Rutkowitz, 2nd Place – Tucker Rouse, 3rd Place – Elijah Miller

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TRA BMX Announces the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

TRA BMX is proud to announce the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp.  Presented by S&M/FIT and brought to you by Odyssey, Empire, Dirtsculpt, Powers Bike Shop, Axlerad Screen Printing, Penn Skate Skatepark, The Wheel Mill, Action Wheels, Crest Flooring, and STAY STRONG, this pro invitational fundraiser event will take place September 18, 2021 at the TRA compound near Bethlehem Pennsylvania, home of Posh and Catty Trails.  The event will include over 40 top dirt riders competing for a $1,500 Pro Purse and include two contests: the Double Cross – a one-on-one downhill trail race with both 20” & 26” classes, and an open wheel jump comp, all on the same course.  The event is being held to raise funding and support for TRA’s first public dirt park to be built in the Lehigh Valley area.

The TRA Double Cross course features massive bowl jumps with nonstop downhill trail action built by Dirtsculpt and brings together some of the top riders in BMX & MTB for an epic contest with a backyard vibe and a worldwide reach.  The course design is 100% trails, built the way riders across America build for themselves every day. 

This private non-profit fundraiser event is intended for riders, industry, media, dirt park and BMX track operators to come together and experience the future of BMX competition.  The event will be limited to the first 40 riders entered and attendees to the capacity of our 1 acre field parking area. If you are interested in competing or attending, you must contact TRA BMX for an official invite. Per TRA rules, no clipless pedals or carbon fiber bikes are permitted. This is a family-friendly, alcohol free event held in a manner that respects our neighbors and zoning ordinances.

For more information, check out www.TRABMX.com. You can also check out Posh and Catty trails at www.PAWOODS.com and see behind-the-scenes footage from Dirtsculpt, the creative force behind some of the world’s largest BMX dirt events, at www.Dirtsculpt.com.

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Catty Independence Day Jam – July 10th

Come celebrate independence day with us on July 10th. Rad times with raffles and other fun stuff for everyone!

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Catty Youth Jam – June 19th

Come ride with us at the Catty Youth Jam on June 19th. We’ll have a specially built obstacle course with prizes and old school BMX trophies just for the kids.

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2019 Rewind: TRA Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp – Elevated Visuals Edit


Elevated Visuals’ Troy Zeigler has been a part of the TRA family since the very beginning.  Check out his TRA promo video from our 2019 event as we get ready for big things in 2020!



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TJL Photo Gallery – 2019 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

When Tasha Lindemann @tjl_photo isn’t snapping great shots at Posh and Catty Trails, she’s behind the lens at TRA.  TRA would like to shout out a big thanks to Tasha for all her help this year at both the trails and this event.  Enjoy her awesome photos from the 2019 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp.


GT’s David Lieb owned the 2019 TRA Dirt Jump Comp.  1st place in the 20″/26″ combined event.



Clint Reynolds with a big one footed 360 table over the bowl jump.


Mason Ritter  – big front flip in the TRA Dirt Jump Comp




Colby Benoit whipping the bowl jump


Clint Reynolds went for the pass in the 2nd turn, but Josh Smith regained the lead in the last turn for the win.


Mauricio Estrada –  2nd place in the 26″ Double Cross


Chase Pauza – stretch no hander over the bowl jump



Josh Peschack whipping to the moon


Mike Gentilcore puts the heat on Adam Aloise out of the shark fin.


Joe Doherty was on hand to test The BMX in Our Blood.


Anthony Maimone – stretch no hander over the bowl jump.


Vick Behm and Colby Benoit battled it out in one of the best main events of the year.  BMX racing doesn’t get much better than this.


Tim Oliver enjoying some race laps after working hard all summer as part of the TRA event prep team.


TRA founder, Mike Gentilcore, lays a one footed table over the bowl jump during his moto.


Chase Pauza – tailwhip over the 1st straight step up in the TRA Dirt Jump Comp.


Clint Reynolds roasting.


Matt Cranmer leads Mike Stauffer down the 3rd straight.



Mason Ritter – seat grab Indian air over the bowl jump



Chase Pauza – tailwhip


Clint Reynolds – big smiles in his 1st BMX race.


Mike Gentilcore / Darryl Nau – hugs


Ever Peacock cutting through the infield with a big smile and no UCI officials to stop him.



Mike Gentilcore puts the heat on Adam Aloise out of the first turn shark fin.



Vic Behm unwinds from his 20″ Double Cross win with big air in the TRA Dirt Jump Comp.



Sunrise with TJL Photo


Anthony Maimone and Mike Gentilcore tangled in the first turn, crashed, cut through the infield, and re-entered the course in turn two.  Per TRA race rules, everyone kept smiling and having fun the entire moto.



Chopper Daley leads Adam Aloise out of turn two.


Matty Cranmer, Nothing over the bowl jump in the TRA Dirt Jump Comp


Josh Peschack ripping the big bowl.


Joseph Nazarak, superman over the 2nd jump in the TRA Dirt Jump Comp


Chris Janis checks out his excavator work on the new bowl jump while Colby Benoit blasts it.


Catty’s Chris Janis was the man behind the excavator controls for the new bowl jump reshape.


John Lynn chasing down Matty Cranmer over the Dirtsculpt shark fin.


Two-time TRA Double Cross Champ Vic Behm leads TRA Fast as Hell Comp legend Chopper Daley out of the first turn.


Mark Potoczny leads Jeremy Kaht out of turn one at the TRA Double Cross.


Thomas Sandfort leads Mike Potoczny down the second straight.


Brandon Grimm leads Mason Ritter with some classic BMX race style.


Mason Ritter – one-handed no-footer off the 9 ft. tall super-G bowl jump.


Mark Potoczny rails the Dirtsculpt shark fin.


Andrew Ortega over the bowl jump at the 2019 TRA Double Cross.


Danny Anderson ripped it up in the 26″ class.


Colton Martucci was a big help to the TRA crew during the 2019 course rebuild when he guinea pigged the new 9 foot tall bowl jump brakeless.


Cooper Pleva – no hander over the bowl jump in the 26″ Class.


Scott Scamehorn with some massive air over the bowl jump.


Anthony Maimone whips the step into turn two.




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