TRA BMX Announces the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

TRA BMX is proud to announce the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp.  Presented by S&M/FIT and brought to you by Odyssey, Empire, Dirtsculpt, Powers Bike Shop, Axlerad Screen Printing, Penn Skate Skatepark, The Wheel Mill, Action Wheels, Crest Flooring, and STAY STRONG, this pro invitational fundraiser event will take place September 18, 2021 at the TRA compound near Bethlehem Pennsylvania, home of Posh and Catty Trails.  The event will include over 40 top dirt riders competing for a $1,500 Pro Purse and include two contests: the Double Cross – a one-on-one downhill trail race with both 20” & 26” classes, and an open wheel jump comp, all on the same course.  The event is being held to raise funding and support for TRA’s first public dirt park to be built in the Lehigh Valley area.

The TRA Double Cross course features massive bowl jumps with nonstop downhill trail action built by Dirtsculpt and brings together some of the top riders in BMX & MTB for an epic contest with a backyard vibe and a worldwide reach.  The course design is 100% trails, built the way riders across America build for themselves every day. 

This private non-profit fundraiser event is intended for riders, industry, media, dirt park and BMX track operators to come together and experience the future of BMX competition.  The event will be limited to the first 40 riders entered and attendees to the capacity of our 1 acre field parking area. If you are interested in competing or attending, you must contact TRA BMX for an official invite. Per TRA rules, no clipless pedals or carbon fiber bikes are permitted. This is a family-friendly, alcohol free event held in a manner that respects our neighbors and zoning ordinances.

For more information, check out You can also check out Posh and Catty trails at and see behind-the-scenes footage from Dirtsculpt, the creative force behind some of the world’s largest BMX dirt events, at

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