TJL Photo Gallery: 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

Tasha Lindemann was on hand to work her photo magic at the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp, Big thanks to Tasha for these awesome pics! Check out more of Tasha’s art at

Payton Ridenour made history as the first woman to compete at the TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp. She easily held her own against the men. Pro women’s class for 2022? You bet!
Big double, no troubles. SE’s legendary Dick Cheeseburger is tons of fun both on and off the track!
Jeremy Behler with some classic moto style over the bowl jump.
Jeremey Behler leads Ekim King through the last turn. Both of these gentlemen helped ensure the course was tarped and ready to go the weeks leading into the event
Brent Caprio, TRA local, ripping the bowl jump.
Jake Rutkowitz blast the bowl jump and makes TRA history as the first young rider to win the 15 & under amateur class
Event organizer, Michael Gentilcore, leads Matty Cranmer into the last turn. Matty was able to pass Gentilcore before the line, which was not easy after Catty’s Chris Janis had yelled “shut ’em down!” on the first straight, making Matty do an extra lap around the first turn infield when he was already in the lead!
Marty Wisehart and Dick Cheeseburger flying in formation into the last turn.
Tim Hause leads Jesse Tschudy down the first straight, Tim really stepped up his race game in 2021.
Chase Pauza and Mart Wisehart go full out in the 3rd place main. Wisehart made his way to the Double Cross race podium while Chase took the 2nd place podium spot in the Dirt Jump Comp. Bethlehem trail building legend Rick Harvilla looks on in the in the lower left corner.
Battle of the Miller brothers. Elijah edges out his brother Mitchell for the 3rd place spot. Both won by making history as the first class of TRA’s new 15 & under Double Cross class.
Nick Fix spins a big three over the bowl jump in the dirt jump comp.
Andrew Ortega with a big turndown over the bowl jump.
Elijah Miller blasts the bowl jump.
Tucker Rouse gets stylish for the crowd in the 15 & under dirt jump comp.
Darryl Nau, the voice of BMX, get the crowd hyped up for the awards ceremony.
Matty Cranmer floats a BIG “nothing” over the bowl jump.
Three-time TRA Pro 20″ Double Cross Chanpion, Vic Behm, is presented the 1st place pro award by TRA president and event organizer, Mike Gentilcore.
Double vision time lapse of the main even battle between Vic Behm and Mike Swearingen.
Matty Cranmer, no handed one footer over the 1st straight step
Vinny Mannino led Chase Pauza in round 2 right up until this impromptu fast plant over the shark fin. Vinny Stayed up but Chase went on for the win.
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