Michael Wikan Photo Gallery: 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp

Michael Wikan and the SE crew were in the house for the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp. Check out these awesome photos from the event and enjoy more of Michael’s photos at http://www.michaelwikan.com.

Mike Swearingen airs into the second turn.
DK’s Josh Smith ripping down the first straight.
Scott Yurkonis gets some some airtime after helping prep the course in the weeks leading up to the event.
Danny Anderson blasts the 2nd jump in the Pro 26″ class.
Tucker Rouse hits the bowl jump in the 15& Under Class.
Danny Anderson – table over the bowl jump.
Michael McLoughlin – one footed inverted table.
Nick Fox spins a big three over the bowl.
Elijah Miller blasted his way to 3rd place on the 15&under Double Cross podium.
Matty Cranmer at height with a big tobaggan over the bowl jump.
Chase Pauza – clicked inverted table.
Nick Fix spins a big table three over the sun.
Chase Pauza – front tire grab over the bowl.
Vinny Mannino – inverted table.
Matty Cranmer with a BIG nothing over the bowl.
Dick Cheeseburger overcooks the last turn. He went on to take 2nd in the Pro 26″ Double Cross class.
Nick Fox – table over the bowl.
Catty’s Ekim King
Jeremy Behler flying high over the bowl.
Dick Cheeseburger – clicked turndown, big smiles
Brent Caprio – one footed air over the bowl
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