2017 TRA Fast as Hell Comp


The 2017 TRA Fast as Hell Comp was held at the annual Catty Halloween Jam. With riders from all over the world roasting the big runs, pumps loops for riders of all ages, Halloween costumes, and a bunch of fun contests and raffles throughout the day, the jam serves as both a fundraiser and end-of-year party for riders trying get their laps in before the Northeast frost.

For this years event, TRA expanded the Fast as Hell Comp to include both a kids and a pro class. Amateurs were split into 14 & Under and 15 & over age groups. The pro class was 50% payback, winner-take-all, with all proceeds going to the Posh/Catty non-profit Lehigh Valley Bicycle Association. The riders also competed for the TRA pro-belt, courtest of S&M, FIT, Empire, Dirtsculpt, and Axlerad Screen Printing.

The older amateur and pro classes raced on “Fonzy to 79”, a 40 second run with lots of jumps, turns, and speed changes. The younger amateurs raced on the downhill pump loop which featuring a newly built starting hill and wooden over/under bridge. Each class was run for 30 minutes and were riders allowed to take as many runs as they wanted. Scores went by fastest time for each rider.

In the 14 & Under kids class there were 5 riders including girls and boys ages 8 through 12 years old. 8 year old Jake Rutkowski was on top of the podium with 9 year old and TRA regular Chase Delfino in 2nd. 12 year old Velicity Miller showed that girls have a place on the podium too with a 3rd place finish.

In the 15 & Over amateur class, 1st place went to Ever Peacock with Noah Oliver in 2nd. At 17 years old, Ever just missed being able to enter the pro class but proved himself with a time that would have put him 3rd place on the pro podium. Look out for Ever in 2018!

In the pro class, Evan Eisenhard completely dominated, winning the pro belt and first place money with all of his runs going faster than everyone else in the comp.  2nd place went to three-time TRA Fast as Hell comp champ Chopper Daily who came back to the podium with a vengeance this year. Third place went to “City Boy” John Lynn, rocking the only kind of spandex TRA will allow.   Get ready for more TRA BMX racing in 2018!

2017 TRA Fast as Hell Comp Results:

1. Evan Eisenhard
2. Chopper Daily
3. John Lynn
4. Greg Custer
5. Chris Bird
6. Michael Gentilcore
7. Zack Andringa

15 & Over Amateur
1. Ever Peacock
2. Noah Oliver

14 & Under Amateur
1. Jake Rutkowitz
2. Chase Delfino
3. Velicity Miller
4. Olivia Miller
5. Mia Custer


Catty Halloween Jam, TRA Fast as Hell Comp – Pro Class Results: Evan Eisenhard 1st, Chopper Daley 2nd, Jon Lynn 3rd. These riders set the trails on FIRE!


15 & Over “Fast as Hell” champ Ever Peacock wasn’t quite old enough to race pro but he sure was fast enough…his time would’ve put him on the pro podium! Look out for him next year.


In the 14 & Under “Fast as Heck” class, Jake Rutkowitz (right) edged out Chase Delfino for the win. Velicity Miller took 3rd and was on road before she had the chance to stand on the podium with the boys, but she made her mark nonetheless!

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