TRA Fastest Run Comp – Catty Halloween Jam

Bethlehem, PA (October 30, 2015) – The TRA Fastest Run Comp went down at the Catty Halloween Jam on October 24, 2015. 18 riders entered to burn up some of the best trails in the world and battle for the 1st place “Fast as Hell“ award. With a great mix of riders like Evan Eisenhard, Jon Lynn, Brandon Grimm, English Jimmy, and Mark Potoczny on the line, the action was nonstop. This year‘s line was Fonzy to ‘79. The format was two runs for each rider with best times to determine winners and awards to top three.

The first round featured plenty of high speed blow-ups that kept the competitors on the hill laughing and the crowd on their feet. The pressure was on when Chopper Daley, winner of the last two TRA fastest run comps, derailed along with seven other riders while Evan Eisenhard won the round. The heat turned up in the second round with faster runs from all the riders. Brandon Grimm, Jon “City Boy“ Lynn, Mark Potoczny, and Alex Boyd all put in fast times but ended up just outside the top 3 while Eisenhard slid off the course at high speed. Catty local Jack Dorwood took the 3rd place “Really Fast“ award while underdog Ever Peacock took the 2nd place “Super Fast“ award. But in the end, coming off a DNF in the first round with an absolutely blazing 2nd run, it was Chopper Daley who took the 1st place “Fast as Hell“ award. With perfect control at higher speed than should be humanly possible, Chopper showed everyone why he is now the 3-time TRA Fastest Run Comp Champ.

After the comp, lots of great riding went down in what has become one of the best jams of the year. Big thanks to the Catty locals and the TRA Fastest Run Comp sponsors: S&M, FIT, Empire, Dirtsculpt, Axelrad Screenprinting, and all the companies who donated to keep Catty Trails alive in 2015. Please support the trails at For more info or to bring a TRA Fastest Run Comp to trails near you, check out  Photos: Steve Derkacs & Ekim King

TRA Fastest Run Comp – Catty Halloween Jam – Results

  1. “Fast as Hell“ Chopper Daley
  2. “Super Fast“ Ever Peacock
  3. “Really Fast“ Jack Dorwood
  4. Brandon Grimm
  5. Eric Hennessey
  6. James Stavros
  7. Jon Lynn
  8. Matt Trieval
  9. Mark Potoczny
  10. Chris Traverse
  11. Mike Stauffer
  12. Mike McLoughlin
  13. Marky T
  14. Ryan Blatter
  15. Evan Eisenhard
  16. Alex Boyd
  17. Mike Gentilcore
  18. English Jimmy

The 2015 Catty Halloween Jam / TRA Fastest Run Comp Podium: Ever Peacock (2nd), Jack Dorwood (3rd), and Chopper Daley (1st)

Chopper at Speed

Chopper Daley is hell on wheels. With perfect control at higher speed than should be humanly possible, Chopper showed everyone why he is now the 3-time TRA Fastest Run Comp Champ.


Ever Peacock blazed to a second place finish and beat out a number of top riders in the process.

Jack in action

Catty local, Jack Dorwood, put on his race face for a well deserved 3rd place finish.

Stauffer Technique

Mike Stauffer Jr. flying low in the 1st round of the TRA Fastest Run Comp.


Tucked and pinned, English Jimmy rode like a man possessed but a few slips kept him out of the top three this year.


Mike McLoughlin – racing for decades and still at it.


Chopper Daley – winner of the 2015 TRA “Fast as Hell” award.

Lynn Spandex

Jon Lynn put in some killer race laps at the only race of the year where TRA will allow spandex.


This is the future of BMX right here.


Catty Halloween Jam draws riders from all over the world for great times year after year.


Don’t miss next year’s TRA Fastest Run Comp at the Catty Halloween Jam.





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