TRA BMX Announces 2014 Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp Confirmed Riders 

Bethlehem, PA (September 8, 2014) – TRA BMX is proud to announce the confirmed riders for the 2014 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp which will take place October 4, 2014 at the TRA compound near Bethlehem Pennsylvania. The event will feature top riders from around the world and include bicycle motocross racing on an epic downhill course that is full-on trails. Contest announcer and lifetime BMX rider, Darryl Nau, described the spirit of the event: “The TRA Double Cross event is what the soul riders of our sport have always envisioned… Pure Bicycle MotoCross. No Clips, No Carbon Fiber, all skill and even more action! This is a very historic event. As a BMX rider I’m honored not only to be the voice of the Double Cross but I can’t wait to see all the BMX Action Go Down!”

With support from Red Bull, Dan’s Comp, S&M, FIT, Odyssey, United, Empire, Doublecross Bikes, Hyper, SNAFU, Soilworks, Blackman’s Cycle, Axlerad Screen Printing, DKOI Bikes, and STAY STRONG, plus coverage by Red Bull Media House, Transworld Ride BMX, DIG, BMX Plus, Can You Dig It, and more, the event will bring some of the top riders in BMX together to compete for an $8,000 Pro Purse in a private backyard event with a worldwide reach. For more information, check out and the non-profit for TRA’s home trails, Posh and Catty, at You can also check out behind-the-scenes footage of the course construction from Dirtsculpt’s Dave King, the creative force behind some of the world’s largest BMX dirt events including ESPN‘s X-Games, Red Bull‘s Dirt Conquers, and more, at

2014 TRA BMX Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp – Confirmed Riders:

Brian Foster
Van Homan
Mike Hucker Clark
Mike Day
Barry Nobles
Brandon Dosch
Justin Inman
Chris Doyle
Alex Magallan
Leandro Overall
Derek Sipkoi
Geoff Slattery
Nate Berkheimer
Ryan Zielinski
Scott Yoquelet
Chris Childs
Steven Cisar
TJ Ellis
Tommy Zula
Jimmy Rushmore
Mike Saavedra
Jeremy Ball
Evan Eisenhard
Alex Anthony
Danny Smith
Jordan Prince
Lance Mosley
Mark Potoczny
Matt Kelty
Mike Gonzalez
Ekim King
Mike Stauffer
Jeremy Kaht
Victor Behm
Joe Simpson
Trey Jones
Andre Ellison
Nathan Schaffer
Alejandro Caro


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