2021 TRA Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp – Invited Rider Info

Welcome to the 2021 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp, a Pro Invitational Fundraiser Event.


8:30 AM       Registration Opens

10:00 AM      Practice Begins

12:30 PM      Registration/Practice Close

1:00 PM        Double Cross – 20” and 26” Pro Class plus 15 & Under Amateur Class

3:30 PM        Dirt Jump Comp – 20”&26” Combined

4:30 PM        Awards


There are 4 classes/events:

  • 20” Double Cross – $50
  • 26” Double Cross – $50
  • 20” + 26” Combined Dirt Jump Comp – $50
  • 15 & Under Open Wheel – $25 (Family Discount over 2 riders)

We will open registration at 8:30 am. A waiver will need to be signed to get a wristband for access to the course.  If you are under 18, you will need a parent/legal guardian to sign.  Entry donation for each class is $50.  We will accept cash, check, or credit card.  To maximize your practice time, we advise arriving early to get everyone signed in.


Our address is shown on your invite. The driveway entrance will be marked with red, white, and blue balloons.  Look for the TRA BMX road markers 300ft from the driveway in both directions.  Please continue all the way up the 800ft driveway and fill in the field parking to the left.  Once that is full, simply turn 90 degrees left or right into the next available space on both sides of the drive way, pulling head-on all the way up to the orange parking ropes.  Please also take your time exiting and be careful for oncoming traffic.


  • Helmets are required. Elbow and Knee Pads are recommended.
  • No clipless pedals or carbon fiber bikes are permitted.
  • Brakeless riders are permitted – if you have the skills!
  • Pegs must be removed for the Double Cross but can be used for the Jump Comp.
  • We will have paper number plates available, but old school plastic plates are way more awesome. Please run any color you want.

Event Format:

The Double Cross will run 2 riders at a time. After the first qualifying heat, all the 2nd place finishers will run again as a last chance qualifier. After that, it will be sudden death until the last 2 riders remain. At that time, the last two riders eliminated will compete in a special main for the 3rd place. The final moto will determine the 2nd and 1st place finishers. Motos will be posted on the moto tree in front of the barn. Left/Right starting lanes will be assigned at random. Please note the motocross-style gate drops toward you, so your front wheel can not touch. The wooden tower on the hill is for you to lean against to get set up. One footed starts are also super rad. Please listen to the announcer and hang out around the starting hill so you don’t miss your moto.

The Dirt Jump Comp will be judged by best score of three runs using the entire course.  The judges may call for a run off of the best riders.  Technical tricks or big whips, it’s all welcome here. You must have fun at all times. We will also demo some of our 15 & under riders in the comp to compete for a special kids prize!  Contest judging will be performed by the Posh and Catty locals.

Weather Delays

Rain delays are possible due to inclement weather. Updates will post on the main www.trabmx.com page and the TRA facebook page.   Every effort will be made to keep the course dry and complete the event. In the event of cancellation, all entrants will have the option for a full refund or to donate their entries to the TRA fundraiser.

Respecting our Riders and Neighbors

This is an alcohol free, family-style fundraiser event. Please refrain from smoking. We will be using a very low-volume sound system per our zoning requirements. Please do not play loud music in our parking or riding areas.


Food vending will be available by Tomato’s Deli. We will also have water and snack items available.


Have fun. Enjoy the event. We are here to show the world how much fun BMX is. Be safe, ride smart. Please don’t put anyone over the turns.  The course requires no pedaling and flows easily – especially the super G bowl jump!  Thank you for supporting this event!